Saint Kitts and Nevis Vacations

Saint Kitts and Nevis vacations are located on the Leeward Islands which were controlled by the British. The Leeward Islands became a British Colony in 1671 and then in 1967 the islands gained full internal autonomy. Today Saint Kitts and Nevis vacation rentals are located in what is considered one of the smallest independent countries in the Americas. Nevis is known for being the site of a volcano which produced the islands black sandy beaches. Saint Kitts is known for it's scenic wreck dives, which include the wreck of the River Taw; a 144ft long island freighter that sank during Hurricane Hugo during 1989. Through the center of both islands you will find lush rain forests and beautiful green valleys.

Destinations for Saint Kitts and Nevis Vacations

Saint Kitts and Nevis vacations: Boutique Hotels & Vacation Rentals

Try the dive sites of Monkey Shoals and Friars Bay Reef

Sandy Point is a National Marine Park is an excellent place to search for coral beds.

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