Hungary Vacations Ideas - Where To Stay

Where to stay in Hungary are destinations located in a landlocked country in Europe with borders Austria, Slovakia, Croatia and Romania. The Kingdom of Hungary is an ancient kingdom that ruled from 1000-1946. The Kingdom of Hungary covered more land that is currently defined by the country of Hungary. Hungary is known to have 1000s of hot springs flowing through the country. And it was the Romans and Turks who took advantage of these natural springs. When visiting Budapest it offers the opportunity to visit Szechenyi spa which is one of the largest spas in Europe. The Danube River is tied to the history of Hungary as it flows through Budapest. On its shores you will find the Hungarian Parliament, Buda Castle and the Danube Promenade. There are many destinations in Hungary that you should visit.

Hungary Vacations Ideas - Where To Stay

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Hungary Vacations Ideas - Where To Stay


Hungary destinations are located in the centre of Europe and is a landlocked country boarded by countries Austria, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Slovakia, and Ukraine. It has become a leading and well sought after destination for people looking to immigrate and establish new roots as well as business within Europe. Hungary has many benefits especially for people looking to relocate as it is also part of the European Union and the Schengen regions. Hungary's population is multinational the languages spoken include Romanian, Hungarian, German, French, Italian and English.

Hungary is split by the iconic Danube River that runs through several European countries. Transdanubia lies in the west part of Hungary and is comprised of smaller hills as well as a variety of landscapes while the east is made up mostly of flat terrain. Budapest is one of Hungary’s most popular cities and is a must see if you’re planning to visit. When it comes to climate, Hungary experiences the cold European type of weather, with dry summers and cold winters dropping to zero degrees. It enjoys its warmer months in July and August while January and February are colder.


Hungary is popular because of a rich historical heritage filled with intrigue, battles, kingdoms and more that has helped to shape the country. Hungarians were known to be nomadic people, with the Avars and the Huns having been part of the region dating back to even earlier than the 800’s. During the 9th century the first Bulgarian Emperor and Great Moravia ruled the region of the Carpathian Basin also known today as the Pannonian Basin. Under the Rule of King Stephan I, who was crowned with the Holy Crown of Hungary which was blessed by the “Pope”, Hungary accepted the Catholic faith.

During Medieval times, Hungary partook in raids and campaigns from the region of Constantinople to Spain. The thriving kingdom of Hungary saw a decline after King Matthias’ sudden death in the 1490’s. Due to unrest between peasants and nobles, it slowly lead to the Ottoman Wars of 1526-1699. Hungary was involved in both WWI and WWII and fought as allies alongside Germany against the Soviets, but after Germany’s defeat, the Soviets took over Hungary and ruled in dictatorship until 1989.


Below are some of the best places to visit while exploring Hungary destinations.

Hungary’s capital city has an intriguing history of its own and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Apart from Budapest, Hungary also has several UNESCO World Heritage Sites that includes the likes of the Andrassy ut, Pecs, Holloko and Aggtelek to name a few.

*The Great Synagogue
Hungary’s capital city Budapest consisted of a thriving Jewish community that had lived many years before the Holocaust. It is home to The Great Synagogue which was constructed in the 19th Century and today also has a Holocaust Memorial Sculpture of a Weeping Willow also known as the “tree of life” and an old Jewish cemetery lies next to the synagogue. The Great Synagogue is still in use but guided tours takes place throughout the week except Saturdays and holidays.

*Esztergom Basilica
The Esztergom Basilica is the mother church and seat of the Catholic Church in Hungary. It was constructed during the 19th century and was built on the foundations of several churches before its time. During later years development and renovations took place such as the enlargement of the organ.

*Hero’s Square Hosök
Hero’s Square is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Budapest and is the very place were the 7 tribes of the Magyar people united to form the foundation of Hungary. It features the 7 Magyar Chiefdains and important leaders of Hungary.

*Buda Castle
Buda Castle is another famous UNESCO World Heritage Site that served as a Royal Palace, having been built in the 19th Century by Austro-Hungarian rulers. After WWII the castle as well as its gardens were reconstructed and today is home to the Budapest History Museum, National Gallery and the National Library.

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