Croatia Vacations

Croatia stretches up along the Adriatic Coast with over 1,000 islands spread out against the backdrop of the Dinaric Alps, the portion of the European Alps that stretches through Croatia and other Adriatic countries. Several of the cities in Croatia are listed on Unesco's World Heritage list. Trogir has history that extends back to the Romans and early Greeks. While Split has the Palace of Diocletian which was built in 3rd century AD. And then there is the city of Dubrovnik which is considered the "Pearl of the Adriatic" and was a powerful 13th century maritime power. All of this combines with the beauty of their rugged coastline and makes Croatia a charming destination.

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Croatia Vacations: Things to see while on vacation in Croatia

Spend a quiet afternoon enjoying the gardens surrounding at a Fransican Monastery that were built in 1317 and are located in the historic city of Dubrovnik.

Croatia is known for its beautiful coastline which is made up of numerous islands.