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East Flanders vacations are located in one of the five provinces in the Dutch speaking Flemish Region of Belgium. Bordering on the Zealandic Flanders to the north and the tourist magnet Antwerp to the east, the province is characterized by its beautiful idyllic landscapes, stunning historical landmarks, and an abundance of brasseries, eateries and pubs. The lush green undulating fields are traversed by three gushing rivers, the Dender, the Scheldt, and the Leie rivers. The provincial capital Ghent is located at the confluence of the latter two rivers, a place where signs of human civilization dating from the Stone Age were discovered. It is believed that the name Ghent originates from a prehistoric deity named 'Gontia' or from the Celtic word 'Ganda' meaning 'confluence'.

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It is in Ghent that most of the region's history is concentrated, with the 10th century Gravensteen Castle and St Bavo's Cathedral topping the list. The 14th century Belfry of Ghent, the Late Gothic St Nicholas' Church, and several other antique buildings, classic and modern museums, and art galleries attract and engage fans from around the world. Other noteworthy cities in the region include Dendermonde, Sint-Nikalas, Geraardsbergen, and Eeklo, which are known for their fascinating abbeys, museums, gardens, biking and hiking opportunities. Away from the main cities, the undisturbed gently rolling lush green plains invite your for cycling, exploring and observing the nature at its best, with quaint villages like Aalter, Wachtebeke, Ursel, and several others adding a rustic culture to the outings. On the whole, East Flanders is the perfect destination for a vacation rich in history, art, natural beauty, family entertainment, gastronomy, and relaxation.

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