Dublin vacations are located on east coast of Ireland facing the Celtic Sea. It is also the location of the city of Dublin, which is the capital of the Republic of Ireland. The Celts came in the 8th century followed by the Vikings in the 9th century. Then, during 1172-1177 the Knights Templar were granted several properties by Henry II including their major house at Clontarf, Co Dublin. The Knights Templar were a form of monastic soldiers who were highly skilled fighters and involved in the Crusades. Their wealth and power increase and with it the first banking system in Europe. Within County Dublin there are many properties that previously functioned as an abbey, priory or friary of the Knights Templars and Knights Hospitallers. A few notable sites in County Dublin that have a Templar history are the Baldongan Monastery, Clontarf Preceptory, and the Kilmainham Preceptory. Other historical sites were founded by Benedictine Monks, Dominican Friars, Gaelic nuns, Carmelite nuns and Franciscan Friars all who made pilgrimages to Ireland with the purpose of establishing an abbey, priory, friary. Many of the ruins found during Dublin vacations are castles that are located in County Dublin and they date back to 10th century and some are even earlier. These wonderful sights are popular destinations for Dublin vacations.

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