Florida extends south from the eastern coast of the USA mainland. The west coast faces the Gulf of Mexico and the east coast faces the Atlantic Ocean. Florida has 1,350 miles of coastline with Key West being the most southern point in the Continental USA. The state is known for it beaches and for that reason it is one of the top vacation destinations in the USA. The Florida Panhandle, which extends along the southern coast of the USA, is known for its beautiful white sandy beaches that stretch from Pensacola Beach along the towns of Fort Walton and Destin culminating at Apalachicola. The gulf side of the Florida Peninsula has the major towns of Tampa, Sarasota and St Petersburg. The east coast of Florida has the historical trappings of the Rockefeller and Flagler era, when these American Icons began the development of the tourist areas of St Augustine and Daytona Beach. By the time you reach Miami Florida, it feels like you have entered another country with it's Latin heritage and influence.

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Florida is a primary vacation destination in the United States for Americans and International travelers. People flock to the state because of it's coastline which stretches for 1,350 miles and make Florida a popular destination because of the variety of the Florida beaches. Each of the Florida beach regions are unique and have their own charm.

The "1st Coast of Florida" is steeped in history because it is the location where the Spanish 1st landed in the "New World". St Augustine Florida has the privileged of being known as the oldest settlement in the USA because of the Spanish Forts that were built in St Augustine in 1565. This settlement predated Jamestown and Plymouth Rock.

Then there is the popular "Emerald Coast of Florida" located in the Florida Panhandle. It stretched from Panama City to Perdido Key. "The Emerald Coast" was aptly so named because of the beauty of the coastal waters and their white sandy beaches reminded everyone of emeralds. The Emerald Coast is one of the most popular destinations in Florida. There are the luxury resort areas of Destin, Florida located in the panhandle that is known for the numerous Florida beachfront condos that are located in high rise condominiums overlooking the ocean.

The "Florida Gold Coast" is located on the Atlantic side and exudes sophistication and international appeal. The "Gold Coast" stretches from Ft Lauderdale down to the most southern part of the Florida Peninsula to Miami. This region attracts a rich and international clientele who are drawn to Miami to experience the cosmopolitan atmosphere.

The "Space Coast" of Florida is so aptly named because of its association with Cape Canaveral. It stretches from Daytona Beach to Nero Beach on the east coast of Florida.

The "Treasure Coast " of Florida is located facing the Atlantic Ocean and is protected by submerged coral reefs that stretch along the coastline from Fort Pierce to Boca Raton. The region gets it's name from the numerous shipwrecks that have occurred just off its coast.

Florida vacation destinations are very popular worldwide. Many people privately own a 2nd property in Florida as an investment and make their property available to the public when they are not using the facilities. The majority of these Florida rental properties are located in high rise condominiums that have been built along the coast to target the tourist industries. For those thinking of a vacation in Florida, you will find a large selection of properties available.