Sicily is a large island located in the Mediterranean Sea and off the southern coast of Italy. The capital of Sicily is the ancient city of Palermo. Modern Sicily is known for the blending of cultures which resulted from the island being along the trading routes of the Arabs, Phoenicians, Romans, Greeks and Arabs. The Necropolis of Pantalica, located near Syracuse, is a collection burial chambers and tombs from the 7BC through 13BC centuries that is believed to have early Greek origins. The town of Agrigento is known for "The Valley of Temples" which are a series of Greek Temples dating back to the 6th century BC. Mount St Etna, the highest and most active volcano in Europe, is located on the east coast of the island. Agriculture is a major industry on the island is due in large part to the fertile landscape which is a by product of Mount St Elena. Sicily is known for their agricultural production of citrons, oranges, olives (and olive oil), almonds, grapes, and wine.

Sicily Vacation Rentals and Boutique Hotels

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Apartment Sleeps 6
Rates 45 - 65 EUR
Residence Marino
Apartment Sleeps 6
Rates 35 - 75 EUR
Villa Marinari
Villa Sleeps 6
Rates 100 - 145 EUR
"Ma & Mi" Bed & Breakfast
B&B Sleeps 12
Rates 60 - 150 EUR
2 equipped studios apartments Beach and Center !
Apartment Sleeps 3
Rates 30 - 70 EUR
Palazzo Villemi Cefalu
B&B Sleeps 16
Rates 45 - 100 EUR
Residence "Holiday House"
Villa Sleeps 4
Rates 72 - 199 EUR
Villa Domenique
Vacation Home Sleeps 6
Rates 70 - 240 EUR
Villa Sicula
Apartment Sleeps 3
Rates 45 - 100 EUR
Casa Giusi
Apartment Sleeps 2
Rates 70 - 90 EUR
Politeam Affitti Aparments
Apartment Sleeps 40
Rates 35 - 60 EUR
Attico Politeama Palermo
Apartment Sleeps 3
Rates 60 - 80 EUR
Apartment Sleeps 4
Rates 30 - 60 EUR
Hotel Principe di Villafranca
Hotel Sleeps 68
Rates 176 - 363 EUR
Palmento di Gilferraro
B&B Sleeps 8
Rates 65 - 100 EUR
Casa Vulcano
Villa Sleeps 5
Rates 55 - 95 EUR
The House of Pippinitto
B&B Sleeps 12
Rates 40 - 80 EUR
Casale Galati
Apartment Sleeps 12
Rates 50 - 120 EUR
Case del Vivaio Sciacca
Apartment Sleeps 4
Rates 50 - 180 EUR
Apartment Arezzo
Apartment Sleeps 4
Rates 60 - 85 EUR
Villa Luce
Villa Sleeps 8
Rates 215 - 315 EUR
Syracuse Holiday Apartment
Apartment Sleeps 4
Rates 75 - 125 EUR
Villa Silvia
Villa Sleeps 6
Rates 145 - 190 EUR
Syracuse Character Studio
Apartment Sleeps 4
Rates 65 - 95 EUR
Le case del Principe
Villa Sleeps 38
Rates 60 - 860 EUR
Apartment Sleeps 4
Rates 50 - 190 EUR

Sicily Vacations: Things to see while on vacation in Italy

Sicily has the seven beautiful Aeolian Islands along its coast. These islands, which contain influences from Roman, Arab, Phoenician and Greek cultures, are extremely close to Calabria and are an especially popular area to visit while in Calabria.

Two of the most popular places to visit, during Sicily vacations, is in Sicily’s capital of Palermo. They are the Chiesa di San Domenico and the Orto Botanico. The Chiesa di San Domenico is a church found off of the Via Roma that contains much history. The church was constructed in 1640 and has thus been the burial grounds of famous Italians, including Francesco Crisp, Italy’s former prime minister. The Orto Botanico is a garden situated in the heart of Palermo. This garden is considered a “tropical paradise” because of its beautiful botany, including elevated palm trees, gigantic fig trees and breathtaking bushes filled with hibiscus. Palermo not only has amazing sites and a fascinating history, but also excellent dining, shopping and Sicily accommodations. The Via Principe di Belmonte is located in Palermo’s top shopping district and contains the finest outdoor cafés in Sicily that are not swarmed by tourists. Among these shops and restaurants, travelers will be able to find the ideal Sicily accommodation, such as a holiday apartment rental, a bed and breakfast, a villa or a luxury hotel. Book now with and you will be satisfied with the variety of accommodations that can found throughout Sicily, Italy.