Campania is located along the western coast of Italy facing the Tyrrhenian Sea and includes the major towns of Naples, Sorrento, Pompeii, Amalfi, Salerno plus the beautiful islands of Capri and Ischia. The coastal scenery found in Campania is amazingly beautiful with it's dramatic hills overlooking quiet bays and coves surrounding the picturesque villages. The Amalfi Coast, a Unesco World Heritage site, is located on the Sorrento Peninsula of Campania. It is a region that is world famous for it's dramatic scenery. Mountains drop into the sea and create caverns, coves, cliffs, fjords, arches, bays and beautiful beaches. The Amalfi Coast is dotted with villages and roads that seem to be perched dangerously on the hillsides creating beautiful jewels overlooking the Gulf of Salerno.

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Macinelle Village Residence
Apartment Sleeps 4
Rates 31 - 130 EUR
“Zio Cristoforo”
Farmhouse Sleeps 12
Rates 40 - 150 EUR
Villa La Favola
Apartment Sleeps 5
Rates 75 - 200 EUR
ischia Paradise Corner
Cottage Sleeps 6
Rates 60 - 180 EUR
Hotel Decumani de Charme
Hotel Sleeps 44
Rates 89 - 149 EUR
Le Terrazze di San Tommaso
Villa Sleeps 7
Rates 125 - 200 EUR
Lidomare Hotel
Hotel Sleeps 35
Rates 55 - 140 EUR
Villa Oriana Relais
B&B Sleeps 20
Rates 80 - 165 EUR
Apartment Sleeps 5
Rates 60 - 145 EUR
Casa Mazzola
B&B Sleeps 15
Rates 50 - 140 EUR
La Terrazza
Villa Sleeps 13
Rates 100 - 150 EUR
Villa Esposito
Villa Sleeps 8
Rates 257 - 486 EUR
Villa Miragalli
Villa Sleeps 10
Rates 700 - 1400 EUR
Villa Carlotta
Villa Sleeps 10
Rates 286 - 500 EUR
Villa Mariano
Villa Sleeps 8
Rates 200 - 429 EUR
Casa Sorrento
Apartment Sleeps 5
Rates 135 - 200 EUR
Casale Nunziatina
Apartment Sleeps 12
Rates 55 - 120 EUR
Villa Pollio
B&B Sleeps 6
Rates 50 - 125 EUR
Casale di Torca
Villa Sleeps 6
Rates 210 - 260 EUR
Casa Papoly A
Apartment Sleeps 8
Rates 200 - 290 EUR
Casa Lusal A
Apartment Sleeps 6
Rates 120 - 240 EUR
Villa Antoma
Villa Sleeps 8
Rates 300 - 550 EUR
Casa Cristy
Apartment Sleeps 6
Rates 140 - 220 EUR
Casa Robertina
Apartment Sleeps 6
Rates 140 - 250 EUR
Casa Ida
Apartment Sleeps 8
Rates 200 - 250 EUR

Campania Vacations: Things to see while on vacation in Italy

The Amalfi Coast is a coastline in Italy that is located in the province of Salerno. Salerno is situated in the region of Campania. The Amalfi Coast was voted as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 1997 because of its breathtaking views and natural scenery. The Amalfi Coast’s land is a combination between the mountains and the sea. The mountains drop into the sea and create caverns, coves, cliffs, fjords, arches, bays and beautiful beaches. There are various Amalfi Coast accommodations to stay in while on the mountains or at the beach, including apartment rentals, hotels, villas, luxury resorts, vacation houses and bed and breakfasts. For people interested in taking Amalfi Coast vacations, there is more to do than take hikes on the mountains or lie on the beach. Historical walking tours are also offered, as well as antique cathedrals to see, shopping to get done and delicious restaurants to try.

In order to get around the breathtaking area of the Amalfi Coast, visitors typically take boats, buses or rental cars because there are no trains. In the Amalfi Coast, Italy, there is also a town called Amalfi. While the two are easy to mix up, if a person says he or she is going to “Amalfi,” it is in reference to the town, while saying “the Amalfi” is in reference to the entire Amalfi Coast. This is important to know for traveling throughout Salerno because you do not want to end up in the wrong place. The Amalfi Coast, Italy contains thirteen sub-divisions, or municipalities, that each offer well-known places to see: Amalfi, Scala, Maiori, Minori, Praiano, Tramonti, Atrani, Furore, Vietri sul Mare, Positano, Cetara, Conca dei Marini and Ravello, the most visited municipality.

Ravello is the most visited municipality in the Amalfi Coast, Italy because it has many sites to see, such as the Ravello Cathedral, the Villa Rufolo and the Convento di Santa Rosa of the Ravello Concert Society and the Villa Rufolo Gardens. The Ravello Cathedral was built in 1086, but has since undergone construction to make it an even more beautiful church. One of the most interesting aspects of this cathedral is that the pulpit has six twisting columns that are set atop marble lions and gorgeous mosaics of dancing lions, peacocks and other birds. The Villa Rufolo and the Convento di Santa Rosa are the venues where the Ravello Concert Society holds classical music concerts from March until October year-round. Renowned musicians from both Italy and internationally play at these venues. Finally, the Villa Rufolo Gardens are elegant gardens whose style originates from the nineteenth century. These gardens contain captivating views filled with unique colors that cannot be found elsewhere. If you book an Amalfi Coast accommodation with, you will be amazed at what Ravello and the other twelve sub-divisions of the Amalfi Coast, Italy have to offer.