Puglia Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

Where to stay in Pulia vacations are destinations also known as Puglia in Italian or Le Puglie in plural form, is a region located in Italy adjacent to Basilicata, Molise and Campania. Puglia vacations are often referred to being located in “the heel” or “the spur” of Italy’s boot because it lies in the most southeastern area of Italy. Apulia, Italy consists of six provinces: Taranto, Brindisi, Barletta-Andria-Trani, Foggia, Bari and Lecce. Each of these provinces have unique characteristics that attract visitors to Apulia destinations. Bari, the capital of Apulia, is well-known for the Basilica di San Nicola and the Teatro Petruzelli. The Basilica di San Nicola is probably the most famous church in Apulia and appeals to countless sightseers each year. This church has a combination of Romanesque and Puglian styles and a ciborium over the alter that was built in the thirteenth century, making it Apulia, Italy’s oldest ciborium. The Teatro Petruzelli has been described as “one of Italy’s greatest opera houses” and is made up of velvet seats, a huge dome and a cherry-wood stage. The theatre opened its doors in 1903 and has since housed very famous people, including Frank Sinatra, Liza Minnelli and Freddie Mercury.

Puglia Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

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Puglia Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay


Tourists are not only drawn to the churches and theatres of Puglia destinations, but also to the region’s nature, beaches and vineyards. Apulia’s nature consists of beautiful forests and parks that line the region, such as the Pianelle Forest, the Umbra Forest, the Alta Murgia National Park and the Gargano National Park. The Pianelle Forest is recommended for visitors looking for a family vacation to relax amidst the breathtaking scenery and enjoy bike trails. The Alta Murgia National Park is a popular site to see while in Apulia because it offers six different travel paths for people who would like to get to know the area better. As well as the forests and parks in Apulia, Italy, there are numerous incredibly clean beaches with deep blue water that will make any traveler’s vacation well worth it. The acclaimed beaches of Apulia encompass the Porto Cesario, the Santa Maria di Leuca and the Torre dell’Orso. The Torre dell’Orso is one of Apulia’s better-known beaches, composed of freshwater, rich vegetation and white rocks.


Most of the beaches in the region have Apulia accommodations located either directly on the beach or within walking distance of the beach. There is not a “typical” Apulia accommodation because guests stay in villas, beach resorts, bed and breakfasts, hotels, holiday apartments or trullis. The trullis, which are similar to miniature barns, are exclusive to Apulia. These can be found in almost every wheat field and olive grove in Apulia and sometimes form towns when placed altogether in a row. Another unique aspect of Apulia are its vineyards. Apulia is known for producing more wine than any other Italian region; The region produces one-tenth of the wine drunk in Europe as a whole. If you want to travel to the exciting area of Apulia, Italy, book with Vacations-abroad.com and you will be more than satisfied!

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