The Province of Alberta is known for its high plains landscape and amazing national parks. Jasper National Park and Banff National Park are located in the western region of the state where the Rocky Mountains form a natural barrier between Alberta and British Columbia. The top one-third of Alberta is covered in dense forests. It is a region where it is not unusual to have frost free weather for less than 3 months of the year. It is the lower region of the state that is suitable for farming and cattle grazing. And this is where the Calgary Stampede originated. The majority of the towns are located south of the Athabasca River and east of the Rocky Mountains. The main cities are Edmond and Calgary. Located within the state are numerous Indian Reserves which cover over 1.6 million acres. Their ancestry originates from the Algonquian, Athabaskan or Siouan tribes.

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Rocky Mountain Escape
Cabin Sleeps 4
Rates 100 - 125 CAD

Alberta Vacations: Things to see while on vacation in Canada

Another great park to visit in in Alberta is Elk Island National Park. It is not really an island but Elk Island National Park is host to some of the largest groups of wildlife next to the Serrengeti. Here you can find Elk, Bison, Beaver, Coyote, White tailed deer and moose. The park is located to the east of the Edmondton and also contains indigenous heritage sites.