Samoens Vacation

Samoens Chalet Rental

Le Chalet Fischer
sleep Sleeps 8 in 4 bedrooms
A four bed Samoens chalet is perfect for a romantic two person getaway or up to a group of 8 friends and family. It is south-facing and located in Verchaix which is stunning all year round.

Amenity: Views, Wood Fireplace, Internet Access

EUR 70 - 255
Per Night
Location Verified

Samoens Vacation

When the warmer weather comes, the hills open up for hiking. Trails weave through the forests and countryside, and this can be one of the best ways to tour the Chapels of Samoens. Nine of these churches, as well as innumerable small shrines, dot the countryside and while most of them were built in the 1600s, one dates back to the Tenth Century. Each chapel is different but all show off the great skill of the Samoens craftsmen. Surrounding the chapels are small hamlets whose residents still live and work as their ancestors did.


Samoens vacation rentals are located in a small stone village located in the northern part of France, very close to the Swiss Border. Surrounding the town is a peaceful green valley that extends along the Giffre River. On either side rise up the beautiful Grand Massif mountains. The atmosphere here is different that what you will find down the road at Chamonix. It is more laid back, more country, a slower pace. The center of town has a beautiful town square built by hand from the stone masons who built the city. Nowadays, you will find gourmet shops and markets lining the streets.