Attica vacations are located along the southern border of mainland Greece and encompasses the city of Athens. It also represents a few islands that lie to the south west of the mainland; Aegina, Hydra, Salamis, Spetses, Poros, Kythira, and Antikythera. But the majority of the population is centered in Athens, an ancient metropolitan area whose recorded history extends back 3,400 years and it is considered the birthplace of democracy. Near Athens is the port town of Piraeus with its views overlooking the Saronic Gulf and a history that extends back to the 26th century BC. Or if you wish to see how some of the rich and famous live, take a ferry boat ride over to the island of Spetses where you can see the mega yachts that line harbor.

Family Destinations for Attica vacations

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Experience a riding on a donkey as no cars are allowed on Hydra

Visit the six Orthodox monasteries on the island of Hydra

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