Matala Vacation

Matala Boutique Hotel

Matala Dimitris Villa Hotel
sleep Sleeps 35 in 15 bedrooms
Matala Boutique Hotels is located near Matala Beach Crete, Greece.

Amenity: Views, Private Swimming Pool, Shared Swimming Pool, Internet Access

EUR 25 - 40
Per Night
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Matala Vacation

Where to stay during Matala vacations which are located in a small fishing village on the southern coast of Crete. Matala sits at the edge of a bay that faces west where you can watch the beautiful sunsets over the Mediterranean sea. One side of the bay has a limestone rock formation that rises up on the north side of the bay. Over the centuries the rock formation has held a significant attraction for those that have visited. Early roman tombs have been carved into the side of the cliffs. And over the centuries, it is thought that the caves provided shelter and homes to settlers in the area. Today, the caves are a historically protected site. The yellow or white rock formation provide a natural protection of the bay, the beach and the village and make for a quiet vacation paradise..