Thessaly is a region that is located on the eastern mainland of Greece and stretches into the Aegean Sea to include the islands of Skiathos and Skopelos . The main area is a plateau surrounded by mountainous range with rivers and streams fertilizing the plateau. Within the region you will find numerous Byzantine monasteries perched on the sides of the mountains. The region is also the home of the famed hero Homer. Byzantine culture and Byzantine monasteries are all an integral part of Thessaly Greece and have been in existence since the times of the early Romans. Meteora is home to many famous Byzantine structures and monasteries in the region. The fertile plains of Thessaly were always being invaded by marauding tribes and the monks retreated into the surrounding rocky outcrops and either built caves or monasteries on the very pinnacle of the mountains with the only access via a rope extending from the top. The culture and historical remnants of the Byzantine culture and society can be found in numerous sites in Thessaly, not only in Meteora, but in the numerous villages and cities in the region.

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