Gort Vacation

Gort Cottage Rental

Klaus Cottage
sleep Sleeps 9 in 4 bedrooms
Charming cottage is located in an eighteenth century courtyard of Lough Cutra Castle.

Amenity: Pet Friendly, Views, Wood Fireplace

EUR 95 - 210
Per Night
Owner Verified
Location Verified

Gort Vacation


Gort vacations are located in a village located in Galway Ireland in the County Claire. The area is surrounded by lakes and is located west of Galway Bay. The O'Shaughnessys, one most famous Irish clans, are descended from this region. The area was loved by Robert Yeates who moved his family to the rural area and purchased a small 16th century Norman castle / tower named Thoor Ballylee, which overlooked a river. The town is also the home of Lady Gregory, a well known Irish historian and folklorist who became close friends with Robert Yeats. The town is considered one of the stopping points for the Lady Gregory and Robert Yeates heritage trail.
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