Central Region Vacations

The central region of Malta holds at its heart the city of Birkirkara, the largest and most heavily populated Maltese city that's also one of the oldest and most historical. St Helen Basilica adorns the center of the city with its fascinating architecture and with Malta's largest (and most famous) bell dangling on its tower. Other must-see historical attractions located in Birkirkara include the seventeenth century Wignacourt Aqueduct, inaugurated on April 21, 1615 to carry water from Dingli and Rabat to Valleta, and the Old Railway Station. Other than the architecture and heritage, Birkirkara is a modern city and has excellent food and accommodation to offer. To the southwest of Birkirkara rests the peaceful and historic village of Lija, where you can find some of the oldest Maltese churches and buildings. Going to the west, you'll reach Attard, the second of "the Three Villages," (along with Lija) that have been inhabited since the Classical Period. Balzan, the third of the Three Villages, is located in the middle of Attard and Birkirkara. Malta is a small island and you can travel from north to south in about an hour, so the regions really don’t matter for a tourist

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