Mexico City Vacation

Mexico City Boutique Hotel

Mexico City Hostel
sleep Sleeps 20 in 10 bedrooms
Experience life in Mexico City in this beautifully renovated colonial building that offers a traditional atmosphere of Mexico. Take an unforgettable tour to the pyramids of Teotihuacán or experience a taste of Mexican History by visiting the beautiful Cathedral.

Amenity: Internet Access

MXN 140 - 350
Per Night
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Mexico City Vacation


Mexico City vacations are located on a plateau area . The city has the distinction of being one of the oldest existing city, with its history extending back to when the indigenous cultures built temples in the area. The historic center of Mexico City, Centro Histórico, is where the main Zócalo is located. This plaza has existed for centuries even back to the Aztec era and the city of Tenochtitlan. However, the original Aztec buildings were destroyed by Herman Cortez during the invasion by Spain during the 1500s and a new city was built in its place. Surrounding the city are mountains and volcanoes which give the city a dramatic landscape.