Mandaluyong Vacation

Mandaluyong Condo Rental

California Garden
sleep Sleeps 4 in 2 bedrooms
The brand new two-bedroom luxury Manila vacation condo has two LCD TVs, air-conditioning, a fully fitted kitchen, and a lot more. Located conveniently close to shopping malls, offices and nightlife.

Amenity: Views, Shared Swimming Pool, Internet Access

USD 70 - 75
Per Night
Location Verified

Mandaluyong Vacation


Where to stay in Mandaluyong vacations are destinations located in a heart-shaped area covering 11 square kilometers in the center of what is the National Capital Region or Metro Manila. It is bounded by Quezon City and San Juan City in the North, Makati on the South, Manila City in the West, and Pasig City in the East. The city of Mandaluyong is quite small and it used to be just one of those small towns that you happen to pass on your way to more exciting places. That ‘flaw’ in its geography has been turned into a major asset by the people of Mandaluyong after the mid-1980s and gave rise to them becoming the ‘Tiger City of Metro Manila’.