Phuket Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

Where to stay in Phuket Thailand, which is located on Thailand's largest island, 49 KM long, and it sits off the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea. You can access the island via a bridge from the Phang Nga Province. The coastal villages are different than the interior villages. And if you want to experience the traditional cultures of the island, then travel to the interior. That is where you will see shrimp farms, rubber and pineapple plantations and mangrove forests. Originally the island was a stopping point along the trading routes between India and China and became very prosperous. Vacations to Phuket Thailand include numerous many beautiful beaches and they include Patong, Karon Beach, Kata Beach,and Kata Noi Beach. Today, vacation rentals in Phuket have emerged from it's traditional agricultural background to becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand.

Phuket Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

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Phuket Vacation Destinations - Where To Stay

Where to stay in Phuket Thailand a region known for being located near legendary beaches and picture-perfect seascapes are Phuket’s natural treasures, that propelled it among the superstars of the international tourism. Vacations in Phuket offer emerald green lagoons and tranquil waters, soft white sanded beaches, heading to the sun palm trees spread over the beach, lush rainforests and perfect tropical weather are the reasons masses of tourists head yearly towards Phuket.


The emblematic tropical paradise of Thailand, Phuket reigns on the border of the Andaman Sea, in the Indian Ocean, about 900 km South of Bangkok. Phuket is one of the most important Thai provinces and the largest island of Thailand, together with another 30 surrounding smaller islands compose a prominent vacation hub in region and worldwide. If your dream is to visit a tropical paradise, a vacation in Phuket is just perfect. The western seashore is kingdom of great beaches and is the most developed. The eastern coast has more muddy beaches, but counterbalances with fascinating panoramas of the Phang Nga Bay.

Besides majestic beaches, the island harbors large surfaces of forest covering about 70% of its territory. The mountainous region is part of the Phuket Mountain Range, which starts from the Kra Isthmus and touches highs of about 500m above sea level, Mai Tao Sipsong being the highest peak. These hills are in great part covered with plentiful jungle, a small part of rainforest is still present and put under the protection of Khao Phra Thaeo Park. The lowlands are the district of agriculture with rice cultures, pineapple, rubber and coconut plantations.

Phuket Thailand enjoy a pleasant temperatures all year round typically between 25 – 34°C, the tropical monsoon orders the seasons, the dry and peak season being installed usually from December till March.

Phuket Thailand consist of a mighty collection of beaches, about thirty, the super highlight of a vacation in Phuket Thailand. So, each of us can find one to match its wildest dreams, from vivid party scenes to seclusion and exclusivity. Your incursion in Phuket should include at least a visit to:

Patong Beach
The pennant beach of Phuket is Patong Beach, most famous for parties, neon-lit nightclubs, beer bars, diversified offer of dining options and shopping. It is also the most developed with lots of accommodation options and is the most crowded. Noise, luxury, a broad belt of sandy beach, water sports and a pumping nightlife are its main features. You may fall in love with Patong or hate it forever.

Kata Beach
A popular Phuket vacation choice for families is Kata Beach. Among the best Phuket beaches and one of the most beautiful, this sheltered beach managed to conserve its charm. Lean back on the fine sand under a Casuarina tree, swim in the transparent sparkling turquoise waters, take a surfboard, ride a banana boat or try parasailing. Whatever you may want to do in a beach vacation, you name it and Kata will accomplish. Envy to snorkel, head to the northern part of the beach and discover an underwater wonderland with huge coral reefs and myriad of colorful fish.

Karon Beach
Part of the trio tropical classic beaches that made Phuket famous in the ’80, this Andaman long beach has the finest sand imaginable, an almost perfect mix of coral, silica and shells. With an illusion of infinite, deserted in some parts, powdery little dunes and pandanus, Karon is a relaxing oasis. The third longest beach here in Phuket, ensures access to night markets and interesting snorkeling attractions. A good selection of amenities, shopping and entertainment make Karon an excellent choice, even if its atmosphere is a world and half away of the vibrating Patong Beach.


The Phuket Thailand that we see today has ancient roots in the history of the Thai culture, together with accents of its own past, bearing a solid Chinese influence mixt with Muslim and Malay background. The first religion on the island is Theravada Buddhism, followed by Daoism practiced by the Chinese migrants working in the tin mines, and Thai Muslims belonging to Malays migrants.

Placed in the middle of trade routes between China and India, Phuket interfered with foreign influences early in its history. It was used as shelter harbor by ships navigating to India during the monsoon season. The interior land was occupied by indigenous tribes and coastal areas by Chao Leh sea-gypsies. In the 13th century the island became part of the Thai state. A prosperity era started for the island once the tin resources discovered, supported also by the strategic position of trading port. Tin-barons’ legacy is still visible today in the old center of Phuket, where one can admire nice buildings erected in the Sino-Portuguese style.

The unique Thai culture reveals its rich legacy through customs and habits, artistic manifestation and religious icons. A cultural incursion is available for tourists visiting the Thalang National Museum, where ancient sea culture is preserved through traditional practices and Thai houses. Exponents of the local culture are also the Thai Village and the Orchid farm, displaying elements specific to the Thai lifestyle.

Great lovers of parties and celebration, Thai people use any excuse to exercise their pleasure. Phuket observes all Thai national festivals like Songkran and the magical Loi Krathong, and organizes some spectacular ones of its own, like the Vegetarian Festival. Planning a vacation to Phuket Thailand during one of these festivals is the cherry on the cake, the material from which great memories are made of.

The most famous Vegetarian Festival in the world is the one of Phuket, held yearly in September-October. The Vegetarian Festival is of course the most prominent festival around here, its purpose is to purify the body and mind and lasts 9 days. Participants should adhere to vegan diet and serve vegetarian dishes specially made for the festival. A series of processions are organized and tests of faith are displayed. Self-mutilation acts like piercing with knifes, running on burning coal, climbing ladders that have knives instead of rungs are performed quite often.


As an all in one destination that respects itself, Phuket has a plethora of attractions. Which of the following would you include in your vacation to Phuket?

Wat Chalong
The most important of about 30 Buddhist temples that are hosted on the island, Wat Chalong is the spiritual center of Phuket. The greatest Buddhist temple on the island fascinates with its architecture, thousands of shining pieces of glass ornate its pagodas. The Chedi hosts a fragment of bone believed to have belonged to Buddha.

Big Buddha
As many other places in Thailand, Phuket has its own giant Buddha. The white marble Big Buddha towers on top of the Nakkerd Hill, offering 360 degrees panoramas of the breathtaking surrounding seascapes. The statue is the outstanding monument of the island and is visible from far.

Phang Nga Bay
A more than spectacular seascape, dotted with vertical cliffy pinnacles plunged into an emerald green bright water, water caves and lagoons, strives with its unicity and splendor. The world-famous Phang Nga Bay should be the first on your to do list during your visit to Phuket Thailand. The best option is to navigate into this area in a canoe to truly enjoy the majestic nature. Or try a day cruise trip from the North of Phuket and experience the sheer karsts, Koh Panyee and James Bond (Koh Ta-pu) Islands, and occasional stops on insulated beaches. Even better, tick both!

Koh Panyee water village
A fascinating place to visit is the small village of Koh Panyee, entirely anchored on stilts in water. Huts, houses, restaurants and shacks are piled together and float on the surface of the water and no one can explain exactly how.

Phi Phi Island
The alluring Phi Phi Island made universal mega star by the film “The Beach” in 2000, is another must, in a way too long list of “impossible to miss”. With its dramatic seascape of fortress like cliffs and marvelous blend of emerald-turquoise waters, it is the true definition of the paradise. For some this is the principal reason to pass by Phuket.

Some other “Phuket mark” places that should find a place in your list are the old town of Phuket, the Orchid Farm, the Phuket market, the Bangla Road. All depends on your curiosity, desire and open mind! Just relax and enjoy!

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