Tobago is an island in the southern range of the Caribbean and is just north of Venezuela. The island of Tobago is hilly, mountainous and made of volcanic origins. Tobago is known for it's numerous coral reefs and diving sites. The British gained control of the island from 1762 but the island gained it's independence in 1962. The culture on the island originates from multiple countries who citizens were; Spanish, British, French, Dutch and Indian, all of which have left their cultural imprint on the island. Located on the island of Tobago is the Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve, a rainforest with numerous endemic species of flora and fauna. It is one of the major tourist attractions on the island. Tobago is also known for the Buccoo Reef system which was declared a marine park in 1973. There are numerous other reefs and dive sites located off the coast of Tobago.

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